public revulsion.

Right, so I don’t usually wish to offend people and I will be the first to admit that I like to avoid conflict, but I’m going to bring up a current issue that a lot of people are hot under the collar about: Bill Cosby. As of right now, Mr. Cosby has been accused of […]

skiing and honesty.

So a thought occurred to me a minute ago. I also hit publish on that last post a minute ago. Funny how things work. Basically, it is almost confirmed (though with my family you still never quite know) that we will be here for the entirety of Christmas break. With two surgeries (one of them […]

today i am better.

Hi guys. Stuff has been happening, which is to be expected, of course, but it’s nonetheless startling sometimes. But things are better. I am not an idiot, although I may have bombed an economics test this morning. But I am fairly certain I kicked my business test’s ass. I got the commissioner job, and I’m […]

today i am.

Today I am afraid that no one will ever like my face enough to kiss it, and I will live my life constantly muttering under my breath that “there is a lot of love inside of me that no one is using.” Today I am afraid that I am prickly and too quiet and not […]


All right. Here’s a list of things that baffle me, as in – why would you even do this? baffled. 1. Why do couples get joint Facebook accounts? Just – just – no, you are adults, you can have your own Facebook account if you want to, you don’t have to share your interests with […]