wherein we explore twelve-year-old red’s taste in music.

So here’s an interesting thing.

Most of the things I liked to listen to when I was twelve, surprisingly, are things I still like to listen to.

When I was twelve, I listened to my mom’s old Mary Chapin Carpenter and Rosanne Cash CDs, and then somewhere (probably during my celtifreak phase) I got a Celtic Woman CD for Christmas and listened to it over and over again. As a matter of fact, that first CD is one of the main reasons I’ve retained any Gaelic at all (dúlaman, seaweed). And of course, as a kid, I listened to my parents’ music – great times in the car singing to Manhattan Transfer and Billy Joel and Harry Connick Jr. and such. (I think I remember some Randy Travis and Trisha Yearwood.) And then of course Mannheim Steamroller, although you don’t sing to that. Usually.

Anyway, I still listen to Mary Chapin Carpenter – as a matter of fact I love her so much more now that I’m closer to twenty than twelve. I love Manhattan Transfer now, and I know more about Billy Joel than my parents do, and Harry Connick Jr. is amazing. And so on.

Another cool thing is that I distinctly remember Googling Celtic Woman and wishing I could listen to all their albums and all the members’ solo albums as well. (Thanks, Spotify, for making that possible.) And I really just wanted to hear Hayley Westenra sing by herself.

So recently I searched Hayley Westenra in Spotify and lo and behold, she’s amazing.

So thank you, twelve-year-old Red.

Also, on Hayley Westenra’s first album Odyssey, she sings a song called “Both Sides Now” originally done by Joni Mitchell, I believe? and it’s amazing and the most truthful thing I’ve ever heard.


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