today i am better.

Hi guys.

Stuff has been happening, which is to be expected, of course, but it’s nonetheless startling sometimes.

But things are better.

I am not an idiot, although I may have bombed an economics test this morning. But I am fairly certain I kicked my business test’s ass.

I got the commissioner job, and I’m being sworn in tonight.

My family is (mostly) healthy, and the one who is not is going to be fine. Also, I made my sister crack up via text today, and I knew I would, because I am hilarious to the people who love me.

I’ve fallen frighteningly behind on NaNoWriMo, but oh well. I started to scribble down a short story earlier today. Maybe the creative impulse hasn’t completely let me go yet.

I got my gross roommate to take out the trash finally.

I’m thisclose to finishing Sherlock Holmes.

I’m going to Salt Lake City with my parents and honorary aunt and uncle this weekend for Volkstrauertag (a day when all the Germans remember how horrible WWII was, basically, and there’s a celebration in Salt Lake because there are some graves of German POWs there).

And I have a mostly full jug of raspberry tea in my fridge and I love it. (Also, I have a bag of discount marshmallows in the cupboard.)

So, despite ridiculous cold weather, it’s not a bad life. I mean, I finished my stats assignment, too. Can’t be that bad. Right?


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