a somewhat of something.

Oh hi.

It’s been a while, and my grades, weight, dental hygiene, eating habits, mental climate and family life are all a little bit depressing. I’m not going to unload about why. It’s mostly a big collection of small things, very few of which actually matter. So I’m going to make a list of some of the things in my life which are good.

-I live in a world with libraries

-I have friends who will drive me home and sing the whole way (or nearly)

-My relationship with my middle sister has improved drastically over the last couple years

-My parents still have their jobs

-I am steadily getting better at wearing clothes that I like and that look good

-I have nineteen-and-a-half beautiful years behind me to think about

-I don’t have to go to class all next week

-I have all next week to study for my stats final

-I can always start over

-I am visually and mentally able to take in beautiful books and films

-There are lots of beautiful languages in the world to mess around with

-Same goes for authors and musicians

-And food, come to think of it

-I liked my face today

-I wore red jeans today (and that, with a black jacket up to my neck and black boots, made me feel like I was a character Scarlett Johansson might play, so I felt pretty badass)

-There are plenty of books I haven’t read yet

-My grandma is coming from Minnesota for Thanksgiving

-I sent a birthday gift to Hannah today and she’s going to love it

-I have reason to expect a letter from Minnesota sometime soon

-I’ll be home tomorrow, which means church and football and possibly homework, just like old times (actually, that’s quite a good idea)

-My little sister and I have all week to watch episodes of Doctor Who together, and we are getting to some of the greatest ones, including “Human Nature/Family of Blood,” which I think is the greatest story in all of New Who, “Blink,” which many people think is the greatest story in all of New Who if not all of Who, and the Series 3 finale, which many people think is, as a piece of television, disastrous, but with which my 13-year-old sister will most likely have no problem

-I have good, solid, wonderful, dependable friends around me

-My creative impulse is coming back

-I got paid by the church and ISU recently

-For this week, I can hug my family any time I want, speak German with my mom, speak very broken Japanese with my dad, have heart-to-hearts with Kristen and watch Doctor Who with Anna, any time I want

-I can sing

-There are a lot of beautiful or rollicking or stirring songs to be sung

-I’m healthy (and in 1600s Holland I’m gorgeous)

So, to finish, I’m doing okay.


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