what happens in december.

Today was a bit rough – I woke up with ten minutes to go before the beginning of my stats class, only to scurry down there to realize it was in a completely different building. And it was a test. However, it wasn’t completely horrible. One of the worst things about tests is that sometimes I don’t know if what I know is right or not (got that?), so I freak out more in that case than if I just plain have no idea. Anyway, then I discovered that I am a badass accounting student (though just how actually badass that makes me is probably miniscule), my German professor liked the essay I was so proud of, and I made up a cool mnemonic for the new Japanese grammar form we are working on.

I need to go practice some hymns (Christmas carols this week, yay for familiar tunes!) and I still have to write/create a German presentation for next Friday and finish a marketing exploration assignment, but my life is actually sort of under control. WOW. Yay.

Also, I’m at 22 books for the year. 3 in December? I can do that. (Working on #23 now, actually.) In addition to that, I saw the film The Fountainhead , based on the book of the same name by Ayn Rand, and kind of loved it, so if book #25 bleeds over into 2015, it’s because I was reading some massively long Ayn Rand novel. Ahem.


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