I have just finished a take-home Japanese test which took two hours. I also ran two miles. I also feel like crap.

To do still: accounting pre-exam homework, German presentation PowerPoint, practice hymns, not die.

I’m listening to Pentatonix’ “Mary Did You Know.” I bloody love this song.

Top 8 Christmas Carols/Songs

1. O Come, O Come Emmanuel (has always been my favorite. Sang this a lot at the Lutheran school when I was a kid)

2. Mary Did You Know (gah what a beautiful thing)

3. Silent Night (it’s best in German)

4. Nu tändas tusen juleljus (Swedish is also awesome)

5. O Holy Night (there is no melody more beautiful)

6. Bring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella (this is one of my dad’s favorites)

7. It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (I know all the words, and they are surprisingly wonderful)

8. Peace, Peace (song we used to sing with my first choir director at Christmas)

I put “Songs” so that nobody would yell at me about using the term carols to describe very secular songs, and then almost everything I put is sacred in some way or other. I had the vague idea of writing down “This Christmas” but apparently it didn’t make the list. Oh well. Music is pretty darn amazing.

Stille nacht, heilige nacht…


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