christmas happiness (within reach).

I hate studying. I hate my economics class. Do I hate studying for my economics class? Absolutely.

BUT NEVER MIND THAT! I’m going to talk about HAPPY THINGS!

Not sure where all the exclamation points are coming from. Maybe I’m trying to get rid of the last residual ones before I stop being a teenager and am not allowed to be exuberant about stupid things anymore. I’m sidetracking.

Happy things! Christmas-y ones, because that’s what’s on my mind right now.

I have six finals between me and freedom (that’s right: I did say six), and I should do some quick review of kanji and go to bed, but I want to list some of the things I am looking forward to doing when I hand in that German final and lock the door behind me.

Things I Am Looking Forward To, Music-Wise:

1. Dancing around the kitchen to Mannheim Steamroller and scatting “Going to Another Place” at the top of my lungs when it comes on

2. Dancing around the kitchen to the Tolero Band

3. Singing along to Rick Blair’s Celtic Christmas album during Sunday brunch

4. Playing Christmas carols very quietly on the piano in the evening – particularly Silent Night, for my mother, and Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella, for my dad

5. Listening to the new Pentatonix Christmas album forty times in a row

Things I Am Looking Forward To, Food-Wise:

1. Making a double batch of butter cookies with Kristen

2. Frosting said butter cookies with Kristen and Anna and everybody breaking the legs off the gingerbread men by accident

3. Peppermint fudge

4. Offering to try my hand at spritz?! (It’s been years since we made spritz!)

5. Peppermint cookies

Things I Am Looking Forward To, Being Home-Wise:

1. Hugging my family

2. Freedom from tests

3. Hot chocolate by the tree when everyone else has gone to bed (which will likely happen, as I am a night owl)

4. “The village” (everybody has one, and ours is adorable and mountain-y and Austrian, among other things)

5. Annoying felt mittens on every door that my sisters and I made several years ago to decorate my mom’s surgeon boss’ office

Things I Am Looking Forward To, Christmas-Movie-Wise:

1. Scrooged with my dad

2. George C. Scott’s A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve

3. Veggie Tales Christmas specials

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Christmas isn’t Christmas without a little Boris Karloff!)

A lot of this is very happy. That’s good. I’m going to put my laptop away, review some kanji, “go calmly and quietly to bed and to sleep,” as Lucy Maud Montgomery would say, and hopefully feel good in the morning.

Much love and Merry Christmas. Or whatever.





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