what fun. almost done.

So that economics final? I have the distinct feeling that I bombed it. Professors whose tests deal with material from, for example, the first half of the semester, as opposed to their study guides which dealt with material from, for example, the second half, make me mad. I may have started crying. In fairness, it was depressing.

Anyway, fairly certain I kicked tail on the Japanese final, and the business final earlier this morning was another piece of cake. And I don’t feel too terribly about stats, refreshingly. I just have German and accounting left, and then I am out of here.


Well, anyway.

Since it’s public, now I can finally talk about it, so here’s a thing. I AM REALLY STRESSED THAT MY BEST FRIEND MIGHT BE GETTING MARRIED WHILE I WOULD BE WORKING AT WALDSEE.


It really sucks to love so many things, you know?

I want to be there for my friend, right? (I also want to wear a gorgeous dress, be important, and have a toast that makes people cry, but those things are mostly beside the point.)

But I also want to work at Waldsee.

Maybe it’s worth exploring why.

To prove that I am versatile, to have better German, to have fun, to be impressive…I don’t think those are bad reasons. Also to make flying to Minnesota relatively cheaper. Also to make my mom happy? Maybe. But I don’t think any of that is wrong.

This is going to be a very difficult decision, and right now I am mostly caught up in praying pretty please that they will schedule their wedding to where I can do both and won’t have to make this decision. That said, it’s their wedding and I cannot ask them to make allowances for me on a day that is supposed to be theirs.



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