New Year’s (As Usual)

I guess this is becoming a tradition, so here we go.

We rang in the New Year in Minneapolis, and flew home the next morning. I spent January hanging out with Stephen, Kailyn and Kory sometimes, the occasional Derek, and fraternity people. Mostly I think it was pretty normal and ordinary. I became secretary for the fraternity after its original had a scheduling conflict. The same goes for February, really, except for my minor existential crisis at the beginning there. I went home for Presidents’ Day, not many hours after Stephen and I had mutually decided to be strictly friends. It would turn out as the days went on that we had different ideas about what that meant. In March I did a lot of things that terrified me. It was awesome. Also, the fraternity had its Idaho Business Leader of the Year banquet, which was quite exciting. And then I went home for spring break and skied with my family as usual. April, back to work, school this, school that. Stephen and I lost contact. Derek and I spent too much time together. Or maybe enough. May, and school was out, I was home and lazy for a while until swim season began and I had a bunch of goofy kids to coach. That and novel writing took up most of June, too, but we made it to As You Like It before my mom and sister went to Germany. Then I turned nineteen and sat on my roof with my dad to watch fireworks. And then a couple days later I was on a plane to Bemidji, Minnesota, for one of the greatest things I’ve ever done.

August brought me back to school and secretarial business and emissary jobs and getting hired to play the piano at the church and trying to write novels and writing letters that in retrospect were less of a good idea than I thought they were at the time and getting hired as assistant elections commissioner and surviving a beastly microeconomics class and miraculously pulling off passable grades and surviving my dad’s surgery and incredible snow in the last days of 2014. (It’s halfheartedly snowing as I write this.)

I’m not really doing New Year’s resolutions because I plan to write a list of things I want to do in the ten years between my twentieth and thirtieth birthdays and do them, so any resolutions I make right now are more like six-month resolutions. But I’ll make them anyway.

First, a review of last year’s resolutions: I wanted to continue to get good grades (I did), I wanted to do something towards my abs every day (I didn’t), I wanted to continue to learn to improvise on the piano (I didn’t) and practice Swedish more often (I kinda did), I wanted to try to work at Sjölunden (I did), I wanted to be better about money (I wasn’t always, but I have more income now than I did, so it kind of disappears, however, my intentions grew shoddy, so we’ll call this a failure), I wanted to read more (I definitely did), I wanted to finish Shakespeare by year’s end (I didn’t).

Right. What do I want to do in the next six months?

1. Have a 3.5 GPA for this semester. As my dad said, I need to start strong so I don’t have to finish extra strong and have little to show for it.

2. Exercise before class every day, do yoga morning and night, and only eat one dedicatedly unhealthy thing per day (otherwise, plenty of produce, tea, the right kind of carbs and dairy in moderation. And eggs). And give up soda. And sit up straight.

3. Finish my unofficial reading list (on the new reading list page).

4. Play the piano every day.

5. Spend no more than $80 every month (exception: January when I have to pay fraternity dues).

6. Smile more and ask people questions. Try to get to know people, not appreciate attentions.

And what am I planning to do in 2015?

To start with, I’m going to have my wisdom teeth out (FINALLY!). I’m going to ski a lot. I’m going to go to a leadership conference in Reno in February with some of my brothers. I’m going to help conduct ASISU elections. I’m going to help run the Idaho Business Leader of the Year. I’m going to finish my sophomore year of college and kick its ass. I’m going to finish my Unofficial Reading List. I’m going to begin my twenties and be ready to do all the things I want to do in that decade. I’m going to apply to Waldsee and hopefully be able to work there (my backup plan is to return to Mountain Home Swim Team). I’m going to go back to Sjölunden if I can. I’m going to be in Kailyn and Kory’s wedding in July. I’m going to go to Sweden for a study abroad year – and I have no idea what I’m going to do there, except that I’m going to ski if I can swing it and I’m going to speak a lot of Swedish and I’m going to have the time of my life and I’m not going to be shy.

I feel like running up a mountain. And that’s pretty cool, you know.


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