the power of silence.

Hi. It’s been an eventful couple of days. Not actually eventful, in that events have happened. Perhaps a better word is busy, and then crazy. As in, I’m the crazy one. Sometimes I find that my best writing comes when I am angrily texting Derek about something I don’t understand. Not having a fight, you […]

a thing i did not do.

Well, today I didn’t do a thing. This is normal, even predictable, but I’m feeling like I definitely should have done the specific thing to which I am referring. Last night I went and saw a play called Boy Gets Girl. It was terrifying, beautiful, sad and perfect. I went with Derek, Kory and Kailyn, […]

love, not answers.

Oh hi. So the lifeguard class is still mostly smooth sailing, except for the part where my instructor gives no feedback on something we both know I’m doing wrong. Then again, I come from a household whose main hobby as a collective is correcting each other. I still feel better about this stats class than […]

no really, everywhere.

Oh hi. This is the first Tuesday of the fourth semester (got that?) of my college years. I really like these years. They have their horrible spots (fathers in hospitals, grandfathers who die, boys who are bad communicators, insecurities that keep my mouth shut far too often, eight a.m. stats classes, difficult microeconomics professors, etc.) […]