no really, everywhere.

Oh hi.

This is the first Tuesday of the fourth semester (got that?) of my college years. I really like these years. They have their horrible spots (fathers in hospitals, grandfathers who die, boys who are bad communicators, insecurities that keep my mouth shut far too often, eight a.m. stats classes, difficult microeconomics professors, etc.) but they are good. They are fun, for one thing, and useful, for another, and productive, for a third. Especially if you count spending hours watching vlogbrothers. Then they are really productive.

Side note: I love my music taste because my Spotify on shuffle will go from a soulful rendition of the mopey old Irish song “Carrickfergus” to a blasting Owl City song about umbrellas and flying.

Anyway, productivity.

A lot of really good things happened yesterday. I went to my first lifeguard class and it was smooth sailing. I’ll probably be able to do the open water module as well, which is excellent. The instructor is actually not much older than I am as far as I can tell. Quite interesting. Actually uses “Word” as an expression in conversation. He did compliment my swimming, though, and said if we can get the work done we can cancel class on MLK Monday because “he’d rather be on the ski hill.” I can deal.

My stats class was canceled because my prof was in San Antonio for some conference or other – and I’ve already done the homework. Woohoo. I feel better, albeit timidly, about this stats class.

Business writing yesterday also went quite well: there will be grammar quizzes free points. I discovered this morning that I love my business speech professor, and also that the scary Intro to Informatics & Analytics class I was a little bit worried about, despite being taught by a guy with a very thick Indian accent, is basically Excel 101. So that’s okay.

I had near-perfect attendance at fraternity events last semester, plus we had a great fundraising season. These two awesome circumstances combine to equal Red gets her dues and her fees for going to the conference in February paid. YEEHAW.

I got promoted to elections commissioner this morning (that’s without the deputy). The original elections commissioner got promoted to vice president. Things are crazy, but I think I will be able to handle this. Except I will have no life. But that will be okay. Not like I’d do much with the time if I had it. Except watch hours of vlogbrothers. (And Charlie…and Dan and Phil…and Superfruit…and 12Medbe… maybe I have a problem.)

I finished taking my antibiotics from when I got my wisdom teeth out. Major yay for not having to swallow any more enormous pills which taste like hospital walls.

I’m going to the Salt Lake City Comic-Con on January 30th, and although I will miss out on the panel with Matt Smith, we got a photo-op with him. I’m not going to try to express how excited I am about this.

My parents are most likely coming to visit the weekend after that, and the weekend after that is fraternity conference. WEE. How exciting.

I’ve just been hitting everything on the head. All day today. All day yesterday. I love it.

The suckish part, of course, is that life is not always like this (see: last semester). But hang it all (I like old-fashioned idioms), I am not going to stop loving it because it might end. I need to keep that in mind for other things. Speaking of, Hannah communicated with me. So that is good.

It’s a good life, at least this one day, from about two to two-thirty…I’m quoting Veggie Tales.

I’ve been in a bit of a mood to write poetry lately, which is good. I feel like I’ve been living in a hole, and I’m gradually pulling myself up out of it. There’s mud on my elbows and all of me is a bit older, but hello, sun, what fun to see your face again. I can’t wait for spring. Idaho spring is cold, but wonderfully sweet, the wind on the back of your neck, windows open for the first time in months, other people quietly moving about on the planet, Einaudi on the piano, warm afternoon runs.

Right. I’m off, to dream of spring.


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