pure excitement.

Guess who became a lifeguard today.

ME, that’s who. And I am still sort of on top of the world. I wasn’t afraid of not passing the test, but it is so nice to have done so. I AM A LIFEGUARD. AND I FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT.

Basically, as I have gotten back into saying, Hela världen är så underbar, which comes from a song called “Jag är en vampyr,” which means “I am a vampire” and actually the whole song is about sucking and spewing (blood, presumably) right alongside the lyric “Let me in, I want to be yours,” which, coming from a vampire, sounds more threatening than endearing, but ANYWAY.

Hela världen är så underbar. The entire world is wonderful. Except, it still sounds better in Swedish, but whatever.

There’s so much to be happy about. I am so excited about life right now. Even with undone statistics notes and hymns to practice tomorrow.

Here are some of the things that just made the world wonderful today:

1. When I forgot to grab breakfast before I left home, one of the other people in class said, “Here, have a bite of my bagel.” I was totally not expecting it and it was so kind of her.

2. There’s this one entry that I struggled with unbelievably the first couple times we did it, and today (on test day, no less!) I just sort of nailed it, out of nowhere. I don’t even know what I did, and when I turned around, everyone was grinning at me, and I was beaming and laughing, and as I scrambled out of the pool I heard my instructor say, with a smile, something like, “Look at that. Pure excitement.”

3. I passed the freaking test.

4. I have been a normal sociable(ish) human being to all of those people for the last two weeks.

5. I’m going to do the open water module here soon, probably shortly before I GO TO SALT LAKE AND GET TO SEE MATT SMITH IN PERSON HOLY ADFGSHKL.

Oh yeah, and I swam a 500 today and adopted my dad’s trick of counting laps in a different language each time. It really does help.

I’m internally squealing. Settling down to these stats notes is actually going to be a bit of a letdown. OH WELL, I’m on top of the world, I’m a lifeguard and life is good.


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