There’s a movie my family loves called Million Dollar Arm, and it basically stars Jon Hamm as this guy who recruits some kids from India to come play baseball in the U.S., and while they’re training they live in his house and he freaks out because he’s a bachelor and doesn’t know how to have these young foreign teenagers trailing around after him all the time. He also has an adorable tenant who lives in the small bungalow back of his house named Brenda, and at some point when he’s freaking out they have a beer in the backyard and she says something amazing. “You just gotta commit to it. You’ll figure the rest out.”

Really though, that’s all there is to it. When it comes to things you want to do, you just have to start. The rest will come if you just insist on continuing to do the thing. All the time.

You just gotta commit to

getting your body to a place where you are proud of it

doing all your schoolwork on time and thoroughly

being polite to the people you meet

trying to forge genuine relationships with the nice ones

letting the ones who aren’t so nice go gracefully

eating in a way that makes you feel good

making time for the things that center you that don’t involve screens

working hard at everything else you do

keeping up with your nearest and dearest


asking for what you need

taking in the important things

being honest, if diplomatically, in all your interactions

forgiving yourself

You’ll figure the rest out.


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