two boys and a talent show.

Contrary to the conjecture presented by the title, these two boys were not in a talent show. At least, not in the talent show I’m talking about.

Boy number one gets explained in a post from a few weeks back called “A Thing I Did Not Do” which I actually ended up doing and getting no results from. Oh well, it happens.

The information necessary for our purposes is that that Thing that I Did In Fact Do was ask him out. Sort of. I mean, I said there was a thing and I was thinking of going to it if he wanted to come check it out with me. The other important information is that this happened via text (after I chickened out in real life).

Now. It got me nowhere with this adorable and interesting guy, BUT I was an adult (aside from the out-chickening) and he was an adult and both of us sustained no significant trauma from the encounter as far as I know.

Tonight I did a similar Thing. Except with more advance notice and a different guy and HEY HEY GUESS WHAT ELSE I DID IT IN PERSON LIKE A NON-OUT-CHICKENER.

And I was an adult and he was an adult and both of us sustained no significant trauma from the encounter as far as I know and we’ll see what happens.

When I was a senior in high school, I entered the school talent show without telling anyone.

I sang and played my favorite song (it’s still, in my opinion, the best song in the world, though that and my favorite song are not always the same) and the mic was too far from my mouth for anyone to hear me. But that wasn’t the point.

To this day I do not exactly know why I signed up for that talent show, nor do I remember more than a little bit of the three or four minutes I spent on stage. I also have never done anything of the kind before or since that I can remember right now, and I’m fairly certain my memory is accurate.

My dad brought it up while I was home this weekend, and said he thought it was awesome (the older I get the more I realize that my parents are hopelessly biased in my favor, but it doesn’t mean I can’t listen to them) because I just got up, and performed, to show that I could do it, and I think maybe that is why I did it, because I knew I could, not because I expected people to love me for it.

And so also these various asking boys out things.

And now good night.


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