life’s work.

So Madeleine L’Engle makes me happy.

Recently my head has been full of Walking on Water and A Ring of Endless Light, because those are the last two I’ve read, and they’ve had me thinking about what I want to write.

L’Engle is very good at writing about love in contexts that are big and dramatic and involve death and crossing oceans and international intrigue, to name a few.

I think what I want to do, writing wise, is take the things she said for which I love her, and scale them down into everyday things. How to love your friends when they’re difficult. How to feel about people you want to fall in love with but whom you have only just met. That kind of thing.

Even though L’Engle’s characters are very real, they are often very exceptional and can be found doing exceptional things. I think I want to write about people who are a bit more ordinary, but still incredible, and still sickeningly, shiningly human.



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