premature feels.

I cannot stop posting about HOW MUCH I LOVE EVERYBODY, because it’s true and also complex enough to resist being contained into one post.

I love my mom because yesterday I made her cry – for good reasons, I promise – and she said she was proud that I was her kid (and also that I had a good head on my shoulders).

I love my dad because he will be here on Saturday and will hug me and tell me how proud he is of me.

I love my medium sister because she went to her second prom this past weekend and was beautiful, and I am so proud of her.

I love my littler sister because she is running for ninth grade class president. Out of left field, but I am so proud of her, too.

I love Hannah because we’ve been talking consistently, and also because she will be in Idaho soon according to a Snapchat she just sent me AHHHHHHHH.

I love Derek because he walked with me to Albertson’s today and kicked my tail in slug bug/yellow car.

I love Photina because tomorrow we’re going to have a marathon closet-cleaning-out/gossip session.

I love Ronja because when something in me needs to speak Swedish, she’s there.

I love Helena because of all the late-night conversations we have had and are going to have when our work schedules allow this summer.

I love Jenny, my fraternity little, because she is going to be an absolutely badass secretary and I will be so proud of her.

I love the church people because they have been so kind to me.

I love my fraternity people because they have so much to teach me.

And, though I do not love him, as we have previously discussed, I am fond – I am ever so fond of Sam, because he tries to sneak out quietly when I fall asleep (and fails), because he tells me I’m going to rock my speech tomorrow and that he hopes I’m not stressing about it, because he is busy and intelligent and wonderful and the best thing to happen to me all year, and I don’t care how young the calendar year is, I mean it and I likely will until August, at which point I will hop on a plane and åka till Sverige whee!

P.S. I also love Duolingo, but it’s not a person. I must say, though: I still love it.


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