what i would do right now if i could.

What I Would Do Right Now If I Could; Or, the Bittersweet Side of the Continued Saga of Loving People, Most of Whom Do Not Live in the Same City I Do

-tell my mom I love her in German

-sing “Night Rider’s Lament” with my dad

-bake with Kristen (well, the more accurate situation would be that I would sit in the kitchen while she worked her magic and we would talk)

-teach Anna to make mac and cheese

-go for a pizza with Hannah

-sit on the Sjölunden soccer field and stargaze with Helena and Ronja

Subsection: Things I Am Not Capable of Doing Right Now, But These People Do Live In My City and I Will When I See Them

-study with Derek and pause to annoy each other

-hang out and gossip and bitch with Photina

-go for a walk with Sam


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