summer in the spring.

May in Mountain Home is always weird – cold, windy, sunny and 60 degrees for twenty minutes every afternoon. Mostly what I’ve been doing is sleeping too late, cleaning a little, watching an excess of AmazingPhil videos, and trying, again, to slog through Vanity Fair. I am something like 200 pages in and I do not like Becky Sharp any more than I did the first time. We’ll see if it improves much. (I’m not optimistic.) And there are so many other good books to get to once I finish it. In good news… 1. Hannah and I will be in the same city in somethiNG LESS THAN 48 HOURS. 2. Sam is coming this way only a week after that. 3. I am actually definitely working at Danish! MAJOR YAY. Good stuff. Just saying.


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