the danish adventures.

Things I Did, Danish Camp Edition:

Day 1: got lost on the way to Cass Lake. Dropped my phone in the Target parking lot and cracked its screen well and truly. Got a tick. Removed it myself.

Day 2: endured an excruciatingly cold skills test at the Norwegian beach – which is also newly infused with beaver dam remnants after the Tragic Beaver Dam Has Fallen Apart Incident of Fall 2014

Day 3: drove the baker to the doctor for swollen lymph nodes. Lifeguarded for the first time.

Day 6: watched a disgusting Danish film about butchers. Discovered that Nordic filmmaking has a definite feel to it.

Day 8: almost lost the purchase card with all the tax exempt numbers on it. Got another tick – a deer tick this time. Definitely did not remove it myself, as it was in the middle of my back.

Day 10: lifeguarding in an unbelievable rainstorm.

Day 12: visited the Norwegian camp, drove the baker to town to get treated for severely burned fingers.

Day 13: briefly became a Faroese fisherman’s wife and learned how to introduce myself in both Faroese and Finnish.

Day 14: learned to tip and rescue a canoe.

Day 15: may have fallen asleep under a pile of paperwork.

Day 16: A Finnish counselor is flirting with me.

Day 17: Separated two girls having a chat session at midnight. Still haven’t gotten a nap yet this session.

Day 19: Trip to Grand Rapids to get some stuff in order for Sweden. Found the best kind of Arnold Palmer tea in a convenience store.

Day 20: International Day! Ate some bratwurst, took a selfie with the Swedish flag, and bought Haribo Fizzy Colas like I have at every International Day I’ve been to (five of the last six!)

Day 21: Got sung to by the entire camp, as it was my birthday, and a massive shipment of ice cream from my parents.

Day 22: Lifeguarding in another massive rainstorm which we literally watched sweep in across the lake towards us.

Day 23: Visited the Swedes in town and hugged a lot of people I love.

Day 24: Received the most beautiful letter in the world. The wild raspberries are out. Threw up in secret.

Day 25: Dressed up like a Barbie and ate a lot of Hi-Chews.

Day 27: Got sick.

Day 28: Saw all the Danish campers off, cleaned like crap, and went out on the town with the Danish staff.

Day 29: Saw the Danish staff off on the bus, went back to bed, and then moved up to the Swedish site.

More adventures on their way.


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