the one that got away.

Hannah shared a thing on Facebook. This happens often enough to not be cosmic, but I liked the thing.

It was a thing that I believe stems from the Art Assignment YouTube channel, which once gave an assignment having to do with the premise of saying one thing to the one that got away.

This makes for an interesting consideration of the concept of ‘the one that got away,’ like, do I have one, why is it that one must be ‘the one that got away’ when all my ex-boyfriends have gotten away and I’m not mad in the least, that kind of thing.

But anyway, it got me to be introspective, as usual.

What Red Would Say to Her Ex-Boyfriends and Other People She’s Encountered Romantically (Whether or Not Any of Them ‘Got Away’ is Anybody’s Guess)

#1: We could have broken up a lot faster.

#2: Sorry. For everything. Except the shit that was your fault.

#3: The whole being friends thing? It was its own bad idea and you made it worse.

#4: Thank you for getting away when you did.


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