spotify is amazing.

Interestingly enough, Spotify was invented by Swedes, which I suppose is a good enough reason to rediscover how awesome it can be while I’m here.

I made a playlist today for the songs that I’ve listened to in the calendar year 2015, and I wanted to go through it here.

  1. ‘Burning,’ Ludovico Einaudi, In a Time Lapse. One night shortly after I got my wisdom teeth out, I fell asleep to this album. This is the last track I remember hearing before I fell asleep, and it was positively surreal.
  2. ‘Wolf Bite,’ Owl City, Ultraviolet. Shortly after that when I was off crazy pain drugs, I stayed up till one a.m. on my laptop. It had occurred to me to search Owl City on Spotify and see what new music he had come out with since I stopped keeping track after 2011’s All Things Bright and Beautiful. I spent a good two hours digging up old blog posts of Adam Young’s that used to make fourteen-year-old Red cry.
  3. ‘Into Giants,’ Patrick Watson, Adventures in Your Own Backyard. I discovered this song on the What If movie soundtrack. I am very passionate about that film, and this song is a nice little journey reminiscent of the movie. Also, the most prominent line “started as lovers, don’t know where it’s gonna end” was something I was thinking about a lot at the time.
  4. ‘The Shadow,’ Baskery, Little Wild Life. I was introduced to this band by the friends of Kory’s we stayed with when we went to Salt Lake Comic Con. They are a trio of Swedish sisters on strings (say that five times fast), and this song is amazing.
  5. ‘Going to Another Place,’ Mannheim Steamroller, Fresh Aire II. This is one of my favorite songs of the selection on Mannheim Christmas albums, but I didn’t know it was anywhere else until I turned on FAII and tackled some stats homework. An hour later, surprise! It inspired a whole blog post on how all of Mannheim’s music happens in the same musical universe. I love it.
  6. ‘Summer Fly,’ Hayley Westenra, Celtic Treasures. I spent a lot of time when I was younger daydreaming about owning all the albums released by the individual members of Celtic Woman (don’t laugh, I was a weird kid). With Spotify, I can at least dabble in it. It’s amazing.
  7. ‘Samson,’ Regina Spektor, Begin to Hope. I love biblical references in popular culture. This song has everything.
  8. ‘Northern Girl,’ Baskery, Little Wild Life. After discovering Baskery at the friends’ back in the winter, I searched it. I like identifying as a northern girl. I like living in northern Sweden.
  9. ‘Beach Bummer,’ A. C. Newman, What If (Original Soundtrack). This song plays throughout the movie. I just love it for its simplicity.
  10. ‘Standing By,’ Pentatonix, PTX Vol. III. I actually discovered this song away last fall, but listen to it a lot. Whenever I’m going somewhere.
  11. ‘Sonny,’ Hayley Westenra, Celtic Treasures. I didn’t notice this song on the first couple playthroughs of that album, but once I did, and also once I discovered all the Ron Hynes verses, I haven’t stopped singing it.
  12. ‘Sovereign Abandon,’ Wim Mertens, When Tool Met Wood. Wim Mertens is excellent study music, and got me through most of my stats class.
  13. ‘(Walkin’ Through The) Sleepy City,’ The Parting Gifts, Strychnine Dandelions. Also part of the What If soundtrack. I like it for how much it really does sound like city lights in the dark.
  14. ‘Sara’s Band,’ Mannheim Steamroller, Fresh Aire I. Still Mannheim. Still amazing.
  15. ‘This Isn’t the End,’ Owl City, Ultraviolet. I continued to return to Owl City throughout the spring.
  16. ‘Dancin’ in the Stars,’ Mannheim Steamroller, The Music of the Spheres. I love Mannheim’s concept albums, and I want this song played at my funeral. Cosmic and beautiful, and frankly reminiscent of a lot of long walks taken on spring evenings.
  17. ‘How Long Will I Love You,’ Ellie Goulding, Halcyon Days. I decided to try the Spotify playlist of piano ballads, given that I like piano and ballads, and found this gem. When you’re at the very beginning of love, it sometimes feels like inviting damnation to think of how far into the future that love will stretch. But this is nice. And poetic. And mentions the sea.
  18. ‘Night Rider’s Lament,’ Chris LeDoux, American Cowboy. This song is not specific to 2015. My father sang this to me, and later my sisters, when I was small. It gives me a window into who he is, and also who I am, and I am never sure which gives me more chills. Anyway, I rediscovered it and sang it in the car on the way home from school for the summer.
  19. ‘Someday,’ Steve Earle, Guitar Town. I loved Steve Earle in high school. It’s great road trip music. I played this driving across the country with my dad and sisters on our way to Minnesota.
  20. ‘Mass in B minor,’ Johann Sebastian Bach. Part of the Twenties Project is to gain a better appreciation/knowledge of classical music. While working at the Danish camp and spending a lot of time on the computer, I discovered why Madeleine L’Engle has at least two different couples in her fiction fall in love to this song.
  21. ‘Manboy,’ Eric Saade, Masquerade. In a complete 180 turn, I discovered this old Melodifestivalen song after the Danish kids danced to it in a collaborative effort with the Norwegian camp. I may or may not have jammed to it in an empty library at 11 pm. More than once.
  22. ‘Járok egy úton,’ Fekete David, Ébredj fel. The 2015 CLV International Day song. One of the best in recent years, in my opinion (granted, recent years’ I-Day songs are the only ones I know of).
  23. ‘Euphoria,’ Loreen, Euphoria. I was very excited to be back at the Swedish camp. Love runs rampant.
  24. ‘Fan va bra,’ Jakob Karlberg, Fan va bra. Every year at Sjölunden there’s a song we can’t stop quoting. This is this year’s.
  25. ‘Fearless Heart,’ Steve Earle, Guitar Town. Including this, not because I listened to it as I was leaving for Sweden, but because I left on a journey that maybe needs fearless hearts, maybe not only from me.
  26. ‘Rather Be,’ Pentatonix, PTX Vol. III. I could not stop singing this song when I first got here.
  27. ‘Goldberg Variations,’ Johann Sebastian Bach. I’m still working on the Twenties Project.
  28. ‘The Dreaming Road,’ Mary Chapin Carpenter, time*sex*love*. I’ve already posted about the effect this song had on me.
  29. ‘Red Wine,’ Mannheim Steamroller, Fresh Aire IV. I love this song. (I still don’t have a lot of love for red wine, though.)
  30. ‘Jealous,’ Labrinth, Jealous. Discovered this one yesterday on Spotify’s Autumn Leaves playlist. I like it, not because I have anyone to be jealous of, but simply because there is a lot of space between me and my adorable person, and I am jealous of the things which are close to him.

I’ll be adding to this as the year closes, but I like this mix.


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