twenties project update: .5 years in.

Technically, it’s a little over six months since the beginning, but I think on the actual six-month mark I was in Kiruna. You know how it is.

I’ve completed exactly, um, one item on the list.


I’m working definitely on one thing and possibly on two others: I’m joining a singing group again, starting tonight. I’m very excited about this. I’ve missed choir a lot, and I might even try to find a group to sing with when I go back to Pocatello.

I’m also hopefully going to learn a little guitar – my friend Daniel’s exchange ended and he went home, and he sold his guitar to me for twenty bucks. I’ll need to restring it, as he is left-handed, but I am excited about that too.

And I’m beginning to learn to tell some pieces of Bach’s apart – Goldberg Variations, B minor Mass, St. Matthew’s Passion, Toccata and Fugue in D minor…and it’s really making me miss playing the piano.


I wrote my one short story for the year (for the record, we’re talking year of my life, not calendar year). Hopefully there will be more. Still exercising that muscle. School sucks.

I’m trying to work on a fiction novel (my computer broke and I lost a lot of work a couple months ago, and I have yet to see whether or not I can recover those files).


I finished Beowulf while at home just before I left for Sweden. It was a hard read. Fortunately, I have the physical copy at home: I might give it another try. I find that I concentrate much better on physical books than ebooks, as my phone is rife with distractions.

I’ve since finished the Iliad and the Odyssey both, and I am frankly sick of epics. The Iliad took me ages. It’s a real drag in places, honestly. The action only really picks up in the last four books, and so much of the length of it is sheer genealogy and who had the most sheep.

Because I am so tired of epics, I’ve decided to start alternating my progression down the list with progression up from the bottom as well. Next up, therefore, is Plato’s Republic and Middlemarch by George Eliot.


…don’t ask.


…I’m working really hard on Swedish? I know that wasn’t on the list.

Academic and professional

I applied to Sjölunden for 2016 last week. 3rd summer? Check.


I’m hoping to go to Germany before I leave Europe.

I’ve learned to sail independently. I still am not very good at teaching it to other people, especially children. But I can get myself around in a small sailboat.

I have not taken a cooking class (except at my own hands and the hands of the internet). Still debating whether or not I should cross this one off, as I’ve kind of accomplished what I wanted it to accomplish, but also it still sounds like a fun experience, so maybe I’ll leave it on for now. Yeah. Okay, we’ll do that.

Okay, so I’ve done some things. I think most of these I can only count as in progress, but in progress is better than nothing. And at least two are definitely checked – sailing and singing. Possibly also German and guitar.



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