a good new day.

As I wrote about last time, my energy and motivation are better and I feel good about life and I’m happy.

Today has been excellent.

I did a lot of finagling with an old spreadsheet today. I lost a lot of files when my computer broke back in October, but I asked my mom to find my old school flash drive from the first two years at ISU and on it was a really, really ancient spreadsheet degree plan from before I was a double major, back in the days when four years seemed vaguely reasonable.

I gave it a major overhaul and made two drafts of my current degree plan. One was the worst case scenario In Which only one course (the one I got approved last spring) will count from this entire year. But I’m hoping to also get a couple others so I don’t have to take 19 or 20 credits the last four semesters.

Nevertheless, no matter what happens, I WILL GRADUATE ON TIME WITHOUT HAVING TO TAKE SUMMER CLASSES…as long as there is some way for me to recover my Japanese 102 credit…which there should be…

STILL. It’s good. It made me happy.

I’ve also been in contact with my German professor and she knows now all the courses I need to finish.

I’m just finally working on a ton of things that I should have done long ago, but it feels good to do them nonetheless.

And after I spent the afternoon spreadsheeting and emailing, I went to Coop for groceries, dashed home, whipped up some chili mac, ate it, and dashed off again to go to a swing dance night. I’m very proud of myself. And happy.

It’s a good life. I can’t express how good it is to kick the funk you’ve been in for months and get stuff done and feel good about the future.


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