the things which are important.

So I was just reading an article about a language called Toki Pona, which has a vocabulary of a mere 123 words and is delightfully uncomplicated.

However, as I have said for many years (or at least many years ago), complex and complicated are not the same thing, and Toki Pona’s single words may mean much that goes unsaid. This I find beautiful.

But that’s beside the point.

I spent a couple hours today chatting to Hannah, and as usual when I talk to Hannah, some things fell into place. She is the most unpredictable, most twinkly star of my friend constellation, and sometimes when she is missing for long enough the picture becomes unclear again.

We talked about L’Engle (some things never change), and censorship, and politics, and expression, and Greek mythology and religion, and books, and life, and boyfriends (some other things never change).

It was good. It was healthy. We agree on things. We can use each other to refine and temper our expressions of ourselves as well as ever we could: we are new people now, we are not the girls we were, but the foundations of us are constant enough. As L’Engle wrote, “We cut through what we do to who we are.” (That quote has not come into my mind for years.)

As I wrote of her (and Derek) in the fall, we know each other in deep, old, sweet ways.

I also talked to my friend Photina today, and remembered how much I love her. One of the things that I think we click on (besides the obvious important ones like Doctor Who and books) is our ability to maintain friendships with people who are not physically near us. She is married to a Navy veteran. I grew up in an Air Force town. We both have (had) friends who are far-flung. And thus my year abroad has not made us any less close, and when I discovered today that she will have an office on campus next year where I can bug her during lunch all week…let’s just say I’m excited for life to continue.

Basically, I just – AH.

My life is simple these days. I foresee that it will continue to be, even as I go back to the wild hubbub of DO ALL THE THINGS that my life in the U.S. was before I left. Frankly I don’t mind the hubbub; I like being busy.

But I like what life is.

The in between the lines bits, where you spend hours shooting the breeze with good, old friends about things that matter. Questions you may never answer, problems you may never solve. It’s okay. You don’t need to.

The small things you say to people you love in passing. I love you, see you tonight, I’ll bring you lunch, want a ride, watch your step, go ahead and borrow it, see you soon, stay in touch, take care.

This, I think, is what life is made up of.


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