a year.

I missed the blog anniversary again. Which is totally in-character, but is also really sad because it was a round number.

Five whole years of nonsense.


I’m gonna go read the first blog post and cringe a bit. Hold on.


And honestly, my sense of humor hasn’t changed that much. Should I cringe at that?

I’m sorry in advance for the amount of sap this blog post is going to include. I’ve also got “500 Miles” playing in the background, so my heart is swelling.

Well, anyway. It’s been five years plus a little. I’m wondering what would surface if I tried to do a “Highlights of Along the Milky Way.” That’d be funny. The actual great philosophical contribution of the blog which ends up being more about stats homework and why-can’t-I-get-out-of-bed-when-I-want-to than anything particularly cerebral.

Another thing that hit a big milestone lately (and by lately I mean yesterday) is my relationship with Sam.

I’ve never dated anyone for a year before, and the fact that I am sitting here at the beginning of a second year of dating someone is kinda making my fingers twitch.

If anything, Big Fat Life Things just keep punching me lately. Grown-up shit. Wow.

Okay, enough blather. Let’s see about those highlights. I’ll only do the last year, for brevity’s sake.

why i am conservative

some truths about college (from someone who eh-kinda knows what she’s talking about)

i have loved the stars too fondly: the story of clara oswald

ruminations: on growing up and love

samuel johnson + feelings

the last two years

I’ve been having a rough time of it lately (again? still? anybody’s guess) and basically I’m ready to be home. And also ready for the construction outside my window to be done. I do not relish waking up to the ground shaking every morning.

But hey, I did something today. I wrote a blog post. Yay me. Small favors. At least they’re still favors.

I can do this.


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