therapist syndrome.

I woke up to a lot of different kinds of news.

(That’s not strictly true, as the news from one quarter came last night, but it was still on my mind/there were further developments waiting for me in the morning.)

Among the things on my mind now are graduations, job losses, almost-engagements (the people I love) and summer classes and homework (me).

It’s confusing. Life is a big place. You know?

Last night I about had a heart attack after my computer froze and threatened to do the same thing the old one did all those months ago. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been here longer than the twenty years I lived across the pond. Is that what independence does to you?

I’m missing the graduation, and I’m sad about it, make no mistake, but we knew it would happen.

Although I did finish the Lizzie Bennet Diaries last night, and had a good cry at the sisterly parts.

I don’t know how to help the job loss – it’s a bit out of my realm, I guess. Literally and figuratively. That’s my mother in me – getting frustrated at not knowing how to help, because it’s not really our thing to take in what John Green said he was told once: “Don’t just do something. Stand there.”

And the engagement-which-isn’t-quite-yet…oh dear. I don’t know about that one. How do you tell somebody that your first reaction to their good news wasn’t a happy one? And why wasn’t I happy to hear it?

And don’t I have homework I need to get to already?



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