a quick, silly thing I wrote last winter.

Sometimes I just want to pick a category and put myself in it. An aspect of personality to be defined by. The music nerd. The health nut. The artsy girl. And just be that person for a while. It seems easier. Other people do it all the time, don’t they? Fall into the parameters like they were made to, born to. Isn’t everything simpler that way?

And then I see the woman behind me in the grocery line, buying “I ❤ Eco” everything – the crispbread, the arugula, the blueberries, the hälsofil – until you notice the two giant, sugary, zebra-frosted donuts in the paper bakery bag.

And then I think I’ll go home and rewatch Rings of Akhaten, and I’ll contemplate the vastness of the universe and feel better.


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