the twenties project: 1 year in (plus).

In the grand, time-honored tradition of Along the Milky Way, I missed a milestone, but it’s time for a check-in.


Remember how I said I was going to learn guitar? I didn’t.

Remember how I said I was going to join a singing group? I did, and I loved it. Consider that checked off.

Also, I’m back to living where I have regular access to a piano, so expect more Beethoven of me.


The 2015-16 short story is done (basically). I have not started the 2016-17, though I have a few ideas.

I made a substantial amount of progress on a baby novel during the spring in Umeå, and I intend to get back to it. (As a side note, a thing that has happened more than once in my simultaneous careers as an amateur writer and a CLV camp counselor is that I start something at the beginning of the summer, go off to Sjölunden, have a life-changing experience, and then come back to a book that simply doesn’t seem to be from the same person that I am now.)


I finished Middlemarch, and I love it. I have been stuck in the last pages of the Republic for like six months. As soon as I finish typing this blog post I’m going to go check out a copy and get through it. So, for the time being, the Republic and Moby-Dick. This should be interesting.


I skied in Sweden! That was on the list. YAY. Nothing else from there is really even in progress, but I’m still getting my ducks in their rows here.


This is going to be a very Japanese-heavy semester, and also I’m really going to try to work on German. I promise. I might even wake up my Spanish and Danish Duolingo work.

Academic and professional

I’m going to apply for a Bosch Foundation internship for next summer, and we’ll see how it goes.

I should note that I don’t really know anymore if five summers at Sjölunden is going to be possible (see post “somebody’s daughter”). The Sjö schedule is changing, and my life is moving forward. If the third is the last, then it was the best possible way to go out. But I would love to manage going back. Except I would also love to experience the Bosch program. Whose idea was it to love so many things?


I never made it to Germany (although I did visit and discover a new love for Latvia). I can sail pretty darn well still (funny how teaching things makes you better at them). I can also operate a motorboat now. I cannot kayak, but I can canoe okay.

A lot of this is in progress still, but I rather foresee that that’s how the Twenties Project will end: with me saying, no I did not finish all these things in the ten years in question, but I am, and will continue to be, a human being in progress, and I am an interesting one.

Good stuff, y’all.


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