pajama bloggin’.

I realized (in reading other people’s blogs while procrastinating) that I don’t really talk about my day-to-day life here anymore, and also that I don’t blog very much. Used to be I couldn’t shut up, and now I have to remind myself to write once a month. Hmm. Not sure if that’s good or bad, as I’m sure I wasted lots of time on this blog that, if put to better use, would have given me better grades or more friendships or something, but here we are.

I might start trying to do weekly recaps, but I make no promises.

This weekend I didn’t seem to have a whole lot of time for just resting – I did homework most of the day Saturday (when I wasn’t grocery shopping). Then I couldn’t fall asleep until 2 a.m., and then my asshole neighbors were playing their super loud music at 3:30. I called over to the housing office who said they’d come check. I fell back to sleep, only to be awakened again at 4 to the same sounds, so I called the office again and made them listen through my wall. (When I put my ear to the wall, it sounded like a cartoon. My theory is that they have really big, unnecessary speakers for their 4 a.m. cartoon marathons and don’t realize that the bass shakes my bed on the other side of the building.) After that they shut up, but as Murphy’s law would go I couldn’t fall back to sleep, so I dozed to YouTube for a while.

I play the piano for a church in a little farm community a short drive away, and this week’s service was intentionally full of hymns and Scripture for the sake of reflection, so I had a lot of work to do and I hadn’t prepped very well, so it was a pretty exhausting service. Then there was a brunch, which was delicious, but also involved socializing, which wears me out. I spent most of it telling some of the old men stories about my time in Sweden, which I was largely okay with. I told the story of Västerbottensost (a weird cheese that they think may get its unique taste from something left behind by a meteorite that struck the area), and then they had stories about when they were growing up and the cows would eat wild onions, and then you could taste the onions in the milk…hehehe. Apparently it wasn’t nice.

Anyway, then I came home and took a shower and a nap. Then I dragged myself out of bed to make stew for Sam, who had had a hell of a workday. He came over, we ate, he pronounced it A+, and then I was so tired, and relieved that he liked it, and glad he came over even though he’d had a hell of a day and didn’t feel well and had said he maybe wouldn’t, that I made him snuggle with me and cried on him. He’s entirely too good to me.

Then he left so I could get to bed early, but I remembered that class registration opened at midnight so I ended up staying up anyway, and that was actually probably good, cause it made me tired enough to fall asleep, and then I woke up on time and wasn’t late to class.

My classes next semester will be intermediate accounting part 2, cost accounting, two different management courses, my one required finance course, Japanese 202 and an honors seminar about memoirs, which I am actually seriously excited for. (Derek pointed out that this blog is actually fairly relevant experience in that.) I don’t have a German course, because the only one being offered that I haven’t already taken isn’t one I need. I’ll ask my professor tomorrow about what she might be open to doing, as I don’t want to lose all the ground I’ve made up this semester, but I can’t afford to leave a spot in my schedule blank if I can be knocking out courses for my other major. Even if it’s just a conversation hour, I’ll be happy. Also, as the schedule works out, I am going to have to have 2 8 a.m. courses (cost accounting being one of them…yikes), but also I GET THE NOON HOUR OFF. YES.

Today was class, homework and meeting. I learned the honorific suffix that you’d use for Clinton and Trump in Japanese class. I tried to work on my German presentation at the library, but I didn’t have a very hefty lunch and could not focus, so I went home and ate dinner early and then wasted two hours in bed on my phone before getting up to finish my presentation.

Tomorrow I have to go vote (I will forever be bitter about having been handed the 2016 election as my first presidential one), study like hell for my tax test, give my presentation, go to fraternity game night and then go play in a volleyball game. I also need to make the week’s lunches so I can keep using the stew leftovers as dinners until I get to Wednesday or Thursday and have time to cook something else.

I’m mostly just looking forward to Thanksgiving break and enjoying popcorn at night.


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