a first time.

So I use Twitter way too much. (No, I’m not giving out my handle.)

I recently scrolled back to the first time I drank alcohol (really properly, that is). It was the night after my first exam in Umeå, and instead of going out to the student pubs with everybody else who was much better at drinking and partying than I was, I biked downtown to get a bottle of wine from Systemet and felt supremely hipsterish biking back with it in my backpack.

And then I drank about a third of it (lightweight), snuggled up in my armchair typing furiously to Hannah, and tweeted my impulse thoughts all night. I’d like to recount that for you.

“First legal alcohol purchase wooooo”

“Surefire way to feel cool: put on a beanie, wear lots of black, and bike around town with a notebook and a bottle of wine in your backpack”

“Wine and ice cream I’M A REAL GIRL”

“If tonight is any indication, things I do when I’ve been drinking include the following:”

“1. get sappy happy about friendship 2. talk a lot about stars and universes 3. tell people I ship them with their ex-boyfriends”

“I really want a burger.”

“My boyfriend is super handsome and it’s not fair.”

“I miss my dad (and it is not the wine)”

“Shit, I texted my mom and now she’s texting back”

“I need a sandwich, I think.”

“Maybe? Not sure what I need.”

“4. Stalk an ex-boyfriend on Facebook WHOOPS”

“Note: that was not a good idea”

“If I were in the States I would totally have a habit of getting Sonic after drinking”

“Oh my God, cheese”

“I just threw a peanut into my hair”

“Dude, Sam Perry is the love of my life.”

“Even when he’s not texting me back.”

“And that’s how I know I’ve gotten old.”

“Good night folks.”


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