2017 in music.

As usual, hello future, it’s the past. I picked up a C. S. Lewis quote this year which goes, “Have you not seen that in our days/of any whose story, song or art/delights us, our sincerest praise/means, when all’s said, you break my heart?” Here are the songs that made my heart break in 2017, […]

as small as a world.

Yeah, yeah, I missed a month and broke my streak, but life happens and I’d rather graduate than write about the goings-on in my brain (which are mostly fantasies about graduating, not gonna lie). It’s Madeleine L’Engle’s birthday today. I’m not doing anything terribly special because (a) no time and (b) nobody nearby who is […]

all the days on a string.

I had a birthday the other day. I’m old enough (har) to say that my birthday isn’t a big deal anymore. I’m past the driver’s license birthday, the voting birthday, and the drinking birthday (in both the countries I’ve lived in). But a birthday’s a birthday, and you always want to feel loved on your […]

postcard from the north.

“Postcard from Rome” by Corey Kilgannon She’s in a window seat sitting alone Her suitcase is spilling out untaken photos Of European architecture, an apartment on the coast She’s on an airplane heading to Rome She’s on an airplane sitting alone So baby be safe, baby be smart The world’s not so pretty a place […]